Wednesday, 20 June 2012

York's Playful Spaces uncovered by YAA

York Architectural Association teamed up with established local artist and educator Timothy Morrison to hold a creative workshop to get the creative juices flowing!

The city centre workshop invited people to spend a day, under the guidance and inspired tutoring of Timothy Morrison, to learn about 20th Century artist Kurt Schwitters and use this theoretical understanding to observe York’s urban landscape, capture it through photographs, combine it with imagination and create 3D and 2D explorations of York.
Our "artists for the day short" took a short excursion into the city for inspiration and returned to the workshop to create simple and spontaneous 3D forms.

Please see some of the fantastic results below

Timothy Morrison gives a brief introduction to the group (Photographer: Robin Jackson)
"artists in residence" (Photographer: Robin Jackson)
Resulting artwork from the day (Photographer: Robin Jackson)
Products of the workshop will be shown at the York Architectural Association's drinks reception at City Screen on 21st June before a special screening of Fritz Lang's Metropolis and at venues around York thereafter.

To find out about the screening of Metropolis, please visit the Love Architecture website at 

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