Friday, 15 June 2012

Sheffield Society of Architects is 125 years old!

Sheffield Society of Architects together with RIBA Yorkshire, are launching a year long series of events to celebrate and mark the Sheffield Society of Architects’ 125 year anniversary.  These events will include walking, sketching and photographic tours, culminating with an exhibition of illustrations of 125 buildings, places and spaces which have shaped Sheffield over the last 125 years. These will be nominated by 125 people of the City.
Members of the Sheffield Society of Architect's committee admire the near completed shop windows project.
The first event in the celebration year is the Sheffield Shop Windows Project on Pinstone Street. The displays focus on Architectural projects based in the City, celebrating the work of Sheffield’s young Architectural talent. The project involves the creation of three shop window displays that have been designed and constructed by the combined efforts of students from the two schools of architecture and Visual Merchandise Apprentices from the Showcase (The Source Academy).

Photographer: Rob Cullan, Integreat Plus

Thanks to Andrew Wilson of Sheffield Hallam University, Dan Jary of University of Sheffield and Rob Cullen of Integreat Plus who collaborated the project.

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